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Where else but Washington County, Mississippi, can you experience live Blues music; museums dedicated to the 1927 flood, WWII, Jewish history, and the Blues; a Great River Road that extends from Canada to the Gulf; a culture that has produced more writers than any town of its size in the country; award-winning local theater productions; gaming; twenty-two sites listed on the National Register of Historic Sites; modern farms benefitting from local agricultural research; camping, fishing, and hunting; an archeological dig; and a museum dedicated to the world’s most famous frog – all within the environs of the legendary Mississippi River.

You may not know that many of the sites on the Tamale Trail are in Greenville – famous for its hot tamales. You’ll have plenty of choices of other places to eat, too – no matter how wide your range of taste: Italian or Mexican; crawdads or farm-raised catfish; steaks or hamburgers; fine dining or fast food; locally-owned or franchised.

The Greenville and Washington County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau provides a list of numerous nearby places to rest your head at night – whether you want just the basics, a luxury hotel, or a bed and breakfast.