Warfield Point Park

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“Let’s meet at Warfield and camp for a week.” “What’s at Warfield Point Park?” Sites you won’t see anywhere else, sounds you won’t hear anywhere else – a unique Mississippi River experience.

Picture this: Your family sitting around the fire pit on the beach, adults drinking early morning coffee, kids enjoying the playground equipment. Before you cook your breakfast, you climb the 38-foot observation tower and look west to see barges headed down the Mississippi River.

The kids have scrambled up ahead of you. You explain to them that the barge being pushed upstream must be returning from delivering a load to Vicksburg. You can see it’s floating high – not like the one headed downstream, with all its cargo below the waterline. You marvel at the towboats pushing those huge barges, enjoying the roar of their blowing horns. That’s at Warfield Point Park.

You notice the variety of campers. Some have been here a week, taking in one of the blues festivals in the area or discovering the rural juke joints. Some are in tents; others in large motor homes. Others are meeting friends here just for the weekend. Still others have come for a family reunion. They’ve reserved the large pavilion for a picnic later. Still others are here for just a few hours to take advantage of all the ATV trails, take their boat out on the River or Lake Ferguson, or enjoy nature walks through the 80-acre park. That’s at Warfield Point Park.

Tomorrow, with Greenville so close by, you’ll eat breakfast at one of the restaurants then tour area sites. The Visitor Center just up the road will provide the information you need for your exploration. Maybe you’ll head on toward Leland and Indianola to check on the birthplaces of Kermit and B.B. King. That’s at Warfield Point Park.

You hear that conditions will be just right this evening for one of the magnificent sunsets you’ve heard about. Maybe you’ll capture the panorama with your camera, or maybe you’ll just stand on the observation platform and stare with wonder at the phenomenon – different each night, but never lasting as long as you’d like.

So what’s at Warfield Point Park? “One of the most incredible places we’ve ever been.”

To make reservations to stay at the park: E-mail | info@warfieldpointpark.com
Or call Marcus Maxwell or Van Lockett @ 662.820.8630 or 662.335.7275

See www.warfieldpointpark.com for more information about park facilities, hours, and fees.

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